What Is The Legal Procedure To Apply For An Investor Visa In Australia?

March 24, 2021    immigrationlawyersblog   
What Is The Legal Procedure To Apply For An Investor Visa In Australia?

Australia provides plenty of opportunities and benefits to working professionals, such as managers, business owners, and investors. Australia welcomes individuals from across all corners of the earth and has open doors to people who wish to invest in this beautiful nation. That is why the nation is offering its investor visa schemes, which are a type of citizenship for individuals who wish to migrate and donate towards the Australian economy. 

But to acquire a visa, which will make you eligible to contribute to the nation’s economy actively, there are several stages that you have to cross. There is no fast or quick way to obtain Australian Citizenship when you do not know, or it's your first time, you can consult with an expert or take up the Immigration lawyer consultation services to gain a bit of insight on such matters.

Type Of Visa Schemes Available

There are several types of visa schemes, which you will come across. Although each of them is packed with its own benefits, you must choose a visa that will suit perfectly with needs. Given below are some of the most popular types of visa schemes. Check it out!

Business Innovation Visa [Subclass 188]: 

This is a visa scheme, which is designed specifically for investors and business owners who can bring their expertise and funds to the nation. This can only be done when they are engaged within an already established or brand-new Australian business. The visa comes with validation of 4-years. If you get to meet all the requirements for PR or permanent residency, you will be eligible to apply for a PR after 4-years. 

The Business Innovation Visa also comes with many sub-categories, such as entrepreneur stream, business innovation stream, significant investor visa stream, and investor stream. This particular visa will also enable you to travel back and forth from Australia and give you the chance to bring your spouse or family members with you.

Business Talent Visa [Subclass 132]: The Business Talent Visa stands out as a permanent residence or PR visa for the most established entrepreneurs and business owners. This visa is only for those people who operate and own businesses that carry a high turnover. In addition to that, they must be eager to invest around AUD 1.5-million in an existing or a new business. If you wish to obtain subclass 132, you need to meet several milestones within two years. 

This business visa also has sub-categories, such as venture capital entrepreneur stream and significant business history stream. If you want to know more about the visa, you can get in touch with a professional immigration lawyer, they will help you answer all your questions and eliminate all the doubts.

Investor Visa Australia: What Are The General Requirements?

When you have planned to apply for the Investor Visa in Australia, there are several things that you are required to do. Look below!

  • You need to be below 55-years of age. But the age limit will get exempted if you are investing a massive amount.
  • You must be willing to invest around AUD 800,000 or more than that within complying investment/investments.
  • To become eligible for the investor visa, you have to pass the point test.
  • As a professional investor or business owner, providing evidence of your investment or business track records. But this requirement will get exempted you are investing a higher amount. 
  • Even there is a limited quota within each of the states in Australia, you are required state sponsorship. 

How Will The Investor Visa Lawyers Help You?

Migrating to Australia as an investor or a business owner will be highly beneficial for your business. But there are several steps that you need to follow. Applying for an investor visa might seem easier, but it’s not. When you do not know where to begin, you must seek professional help before you make any decision. 

This is where the reliable investor Visa lawyers Perth comes in. They will help in tracking down the entire visa process and will make sure you have the correct immigration advice. Once they get to understand your unique business requirements, they will be able to provide you the assistance you need. There will be no need for you to undergo all the tiring and endless documentation and forms when you have the investor visa lawyers beside you. 

They combine their skills, knowledge, and experience, to prepare all the paperwork and get the job done within a given time frame. They will also take the responsibility to develop the immigration strategy and navigate the entire legal process on your behalf.

Final Thoughts

The investor visa schemes for Australia are your ticket towards a brand-new opportunity. You will not just get the chance to invest within the nation as a business owner or investor. But you will also earn a permanent residency if you meet all the demands. Make sure to follow the visa process accordingly and provide all the essential documents, which make you eligible for the visa.


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