Why Immigrants Prefer Immigration Lawyers Over Migration Agents?

April 28, 2020    Immigrationlawyers   
Why Immigrants Prefer Immigration Lawyers Over Migration Agents?

Immigration lawyers clearly have more power than the migration agents. Migration agents could provide assistance regarding the applications of visa and reviewing merits in the administrative appeals tribunals whereas immigration lawyer could provide the same and additionally, they are associated with several powers. The migration agent doesn’t have the power to assist case in courts whereas immigration lawyer has the power to assist case in court on the behalf of the client. Hence, it is mandatory to be specific while appointing an immigration lawyer or migration agent for the case.

Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyer Registered with?

Migration agents are registered with the MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) could provide advice on the requirements of the visa. They could also provide assistance with lodging application of visa and deal with the Home Affairs department on the behalf of the client. Migration agents basically complete a 1-year diploma or certificate in the law of Australian law with an institution of tertiary type. With the help of this, they could register with the Migration Agents Registration Authority and practices as an agent of migration. However, it is also true that there are a lot of lawyers who are an agent of migration.

If a lawyer wishes to be an agent of migration and practice law of immigration it is also necessary for them to register with Migration Agents Registration Authority. Moreover, immigration lawyer Perth mainly retains registration of dual type to provide assistance and advice regarding immigration to the client. Agents of migration do not have the qualification of legal matter whereas immigration lawyer has the power to appeal in courts for a case. This is the basic reason that immigrant prefers immigration lawyer more than that of the migration agent.

Differences between Immigration Lawyer and Migration Agents

Immigration solicitors completed a degree of law and legal training of legal type whereas agents of migration only completed a single year diploma or certificate in the migration law of Australia. This point clearly depicts that the knowledge regarding the migration law is more in immigration lawyer than the migration agent. Moreover, immigration lawyers are glorified practical type of experience. Migration agents are only registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority while the visa lawyer Perth is registered with Migration Agents Registration Authority, the law society and board of legal admission.

Types of Visa Subclass

There exist near about subclasses of 100 visas in Australia. It becomes hard for the individuals to decide which subclass visa would be proper for them. It might initially seem that the individual is saving money by finishing the application of visas by own. However, rejection of the application could be possibly costly for the client. Refunds are available only in a limited scenario for application lodging. Moreover, if the person is a business then it might be possible that he has to make payment of SAF levy also. Skilling Australians Fund is the contribution SAF levy for providing support to the jobs in Australia.

Refund regarding the SAF levy is also limited to some scenarios if the application is refused by the Home affairs department. It would be costly for the person if the case is appealed in Administrative Appeals Tribunals. As per this situation, it would be better to consult with the immigration lawyer in Perth instead of a migration agent. This is because only the immigration lawyers have the power to assist the case in court while the migration agent does not have the same power.

Desired Outcomes

If the applicants forgot any vital documents or information in the application then an immigration lawyer or migration agent could help to prepare the application. if it is maintained by the person himself then it could delay the entire process. There exist a lot of scenarios where the visa gets rejected as the applicant fails to meet the criteria of eligibility. In this particular case, it is recommended to the applicant to consult with the immigration lawyer instead of a migration agent.

This is because immigration lawyer has more experiences of practical type than the migration agent. They could provide much better guidance regarding the rejection of visa. However, it is also true every case is not the same and it could be associated with own unique challenges and obstacles. So, it would be better for the applicant to take guidance from the one who is more experienced in this field.


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