If you want to enjoy a holiday in Australia and wish to work as well to support your travel cost than Working Holiday Visa is right option for you. This Australian tourist visa lets you add expertise and skills to enhance employability while you come back to your home country.

This visa is available for the candidates of age between 18-31 years. The Working Holiday Visa help boost the cultural relationships between Australia and eligible countries.

With this visa grant you can stay in Australia for maximum of one year and can work with two different companies for six months with each company. However, you must fulfill certain requirements of this visa to get the visa grant.

Categories of Working Holiday Visa:

Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417

Working Holiday Visa 417 lets you get work experience and holiday in Australia. With this visa you can stay in the country for up to 12 months, work in Australia, generally, for until six months with every employer, study here for up to four months and leave and return to this country as much as you want as long as the visa is valid. You must present proof of financial amount to support yourself during the stay and to purchase a return ticket to home country to get 417 Visa grant.

Work and Holiday Visa subclass 462

Work and Holiday Visa Subclass 462 is for you if you wish to go for a holiday in Australia and work. You are not allowed to bring dependent child at the period of stay in Australia on this visa. This visa lets you enroll for educational program with duration of maximum four months. An ideal candidate for this visa is one who is aged between 18-31 years of age.

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